Ribbon Quilts ™

by Sarah Boudreau

A wonderful way to continue enjoying your beautiful ribbons - they transform into a conversation piece showcasing your hard work and devotion to a challenging sport!

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Art From Your Memories...

Too often, hard earned ribbons are packed away in boxes. Every time you look at your Ribbon Quilt you will smile as memories are brought back. You worked hard for your beautiful ribbons, so display them proudly!

Sarah makes ribbon quilts from any type of competition ribbons; her reach expands to include ribbons from dog, cat, farrier & cattle shows. These quilts make great gifts and not only serve as a proud remembrance of your accomplishments, but of your loyal companion as well. If you or someone you know has ribbons packed away then you have what you need for a Ribbon Quilt!

Sarah's quilt work has been written up in Horse Illustrated and featured at the Washington International Horse Show, North Carolina Hunter/Jumper Association Horse Show, Middleburg Classic and the Menlo Circus Club Horse Show.

Meet Our Team

Sarah Boudreau with her horse Magee.


Chief Quiltmaker

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Sarah started riding at the age of eight. Now, with over forty years of riding and showing experience, she combines her love of horses with her passion for quilting.

Boomer the cat supervises the ribbons.


Asst. Supervisor

Never being one to sleep on the job, Boomer always keeps one eye open to catch that stray ribbon or spool of thread...

Gabby, Morale Officer (black lab)


Morale Officer

You may think head of Morale is an easy task, but Gabby is committed to her job with an unbending devotion to play and office hijinks.

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