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Ribbon Count

Regular – minimum of 40-50 ribbons are needed.

Large – minimum of 60-70 ribbons are needed.

These are approximate counts!  If you have less than this, just call or email me and I'm sure I can make a beautiful piece for you!  Each person’s ribbon collection is different. If there are quite a few longer streamers (ex: champions/reserves), then fewer ribbons are needed.  If you have mostly class ribbons, then more are needed.  The more ribbons you send, the more I can just use the printed streamers, thus using more "memory" pieces.  The fewer ribbons, the more I will have to use the solid ribbons.  Either way makes for a beautiful quilt!

Don't worry if you don’t have longer ribbons!  Some spots need shorter pieces and in the longer spots, I can piece ribbons together.  If you think you have more than needed, please send them.

All unused ribbons are returned!


My design works best with a minimum of four colors.  First through fourth look great (blue, red, yellow and white).  If you have other colors you want included that’s fine!  Some of your best memories can be from a sixth place!  If you have plenty of top placings don’t send the lower ones unless they are of particular importance and need to be included.

If you have especially important ribbons that you want used in the quilt, please bag them separately in the box and label it.


Sample Quilt Regular - approximately 3.5’ square ($350)

Regular with an extra border - approximately 3.9' square ($400)

Large – approximately 4’ square ($450)

Large with an extra border - approximately 4.4' square ($500)

Custom designs and sizes - available upon request.

Each quilt is tabbed at the top for easy rod hanging.

They are not backed.

Turnaround Time

The quilt "gets in line" when the ribbons arrive at my house, so I make the quilts in the order that they arrive.  On average they take about 2-3 weeks from when I start them.  Some are bigger projects and take awhile and some fall together much more quickly.
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