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Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Quilt

Are they backed?

No, they are not backed. This is for a few reasons.
  1. The time and material would make them cost prohibitive to a lot of people.
  2. They really are NOT comfy (think of an outdoor flag or sail) so not something you want to cuddle with.
  3. You cannot wash them so it’s best to keep them away from where they could have things spilled on them or pets on them. They look great hanging on a wall!

How long do they take?

The quilt "gets in line" when the ribbons arrive at my house, so I make the quilts in the order that they arrive. On average they take about 2-3 weeks from when I start them. Some are bigger projects and take awhile and some fall together much more quickly. Keep in mind that I also have a full time job, a house to keep up and a horse that I take away to shows about once a month. I regret to keep people waiting and I do try to get them out as quickly as possible.

Can I transfer a photo onto one of the ribbon squares?

A lot of the quilts I make are in honor of a special horse or dog and the owner wants to show a picture of the animal. The quilts are quite busy on their own and a photo would be lost. My suggestion is to hang a nicely matted and framed photo right NEXT to the quilt. This way they complement each other. I have also used unprinted ribbons in the bottom section and had them professionally embroidered with something like:

In memory of

Do I need to wash and iron them before sending them?

If they are dirty and you want them used I would try to clean them as best you can. I do not wash them on my end. I do iron them, though, so that is not necessary for you to do. I do appreciate it if the ribbons are shipped free of dust and cobwebs.





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