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Regular (apx. 3.5í square) - $350

Regular with an extra border (apx. 3.9' square) - $400

Large (apx. 4í square) - $450

Large with an extra border (apx. 4.4' square) - $500

Custom quilts are individually priced.

Return Shipping-$30.

If multiple boxes are shipped, please include $20 for each additional box. Shipping must be included in all orders. Boxes containing quilts are insured for the cost of the quilt.


You do not have to iron the ribbons before you ship them to me. They get tossed around in their travel so I do it on my end. Please try to dust them off and brush off and shavings or cobwebs, though! I do not clean them.

Please pack your ribbons in a sturdy box and tape it well. I have had a few arrive just about to break open! That would be a terrible thing! If you donít have a good box at home itís really worth it to buy one from a shipping store. The ribbons canít be replaced!

Please be sure to include your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, AND EMAIL (with payment) IN THE BOX! This is VERY IMPORTANT and often forgotten!

You can ship via any method you prefer. The most important thing is: DO NOT ship them with a signature required. I am rarely home when deliveries are made (I have a secure covered porch to keep them protected).

All quilts are shipped via either UPS Ground or USPS Priority and are insured for the cost of the quilt. If you have any special shipping requests, such as a different method or preferring a signature required, please let me know.


Please be sure to include the cost of the quilt AND return shipping ($30) in your check.
Please pay by either personal check or money order, made out to:

Sarah Boudreau
500 Massachusetts Ave.
Norfolk, Virginia 23508
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